Nest Thermostat Available at Apple Store

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True to the rumors, the Nest Learning Thermostat is now available through Apple. The programmable thermostat appeared on Apple’s online store on Wednesday, and could end up in the company’s retail stores as well.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes to the Apple StoreThe Nest Learning Thermostat comes to the Apple Store

The thermostat was designed by former Apple senior vice president and iPod design team leader Tony Fadell. The device learns based on your heating and cooling habits so it can automatically adjust the temperature for you, and can be controlled over Wi-Fi and via iPhone and iPad applications.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is priced at US$249.99.

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Funny, I just ordered mine through since my local store doesn’t carry them in stock.

Looking forward to receiving this cool new “toy” that hopefully saves me some money compared to my ancient thermostat.


“The device ... can be controlled over Wi-Fi and via iPhone and iPad applications.”

As I’ve said in TMO comments before, I’m betting on seeing before too long, many other intelligent control devices (with feedback sensors) such as this thermostat by Apple +/or its partners, for managing our various home appliances, via the coming iOS/Airplay “iHub” we’ve been misnaming “the Apple Television”.

Such an iHub can become a truly massively-disruptive new home gadget-system, if it can manage not merely the operation of home-entertainment-center operations via the AirPlay system as we all suppose “the Apple Television” system would do, but also the operation of home-automation peripheral devices (e.g. via something like SmartHome?s/RadioShack?s/Sears? ?X-10 Plug-?n-Power? interfaces) with sensor-feedback inputs.


Just checked my electricity bills before and after installation of 2 Nests at my office ? it cut my bill 14%.

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