Net Scan 1.1 Adds LAN Scanning

| Product News

Happymagenta announced the immediate availability of Net Scan 1.1 of the iPhone and iPod touch on Monday. The update for the network and port scanning application added a Scan LAN mode and the ability to wake local computers.

The update also added the CIDR network address support, the ability to always delay packets, added landscape mode to WHOIS, can group results in multiple histories, fixed several bugs, and more.

Net Scan 1.1 is priced at US$0.99 and is available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.


Dave Hamilton

Ok, this looks too cool and is a must to satisfy my inner geek (ok, yeah, sometimes it’s an outer geek, too).

Is this app a first-of-its kind for the iPhone, or are there other apps like it out there?


I’ve been using iNet by Banana Glue which looks very similar.  Netscan 1.1 looks like it does a few more things. 

I’m still learning what all its telling me.



Ok, after downloading Net Scan, it does a lot more than iNet.  More than what I know what to do with.  LOL.


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