Netflix Says Offline iPad Viewing Not Going to Happen

Holding out for Netflix to bring offline content viewing to the iPhone and iPad? Don't hold your breath, because the company says that's not going to happen.

Offline Netflix viewing? Not going to happen.Offline Netflix viewing? Not going to happen.

When asked about the possibility of offering offline viewing options for videos, Netflix corporate communications and technology director Cliff Edwards told Techradar, "It's never going to happen."

The reason behind the decision stems from Netflix's belief that the real issue is a lack of ubiquitous and reliable fast WiFi. The company sees offline viewing as a "short term fix for a bigger problem," according to Mr. Edwards.

That stands in contrast to streaming services like the BBC's iPlayer that does let viewers download shows to watch when an Internet connection isn't available. Right now, that means watching Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer, or House of Cards on your next flight isn't an option. BBC iPlayer subscribers, however, can stay on top of Doctor Who.

Netflix executives think current WiFi limitations won't be an issue in five years time, so instead the company is focusing on its original programming. That plan is fairly ambitious with a push to release 20 new original shows during that time.

For now, it seems Netflix is happy for its subscribers to find their offline viewing content for road trips, flights, cruises, and Internet-free vacations elsewhere. For Apple, Amazon, BBC, and other services that do offer offline viewing options, that's an opportunity they aren't passing up.