Netflix Intros Streaming-only Service to US

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Netflix rolled out a streaming-only video subscription service in the U.S. on Monday along with price hikes for its plans that include physical DVDs. The new plan gives users unlimited monthly video streaming and is compatible with the company’s iPhone and iPad apps.

The company seems to be pushing its streaming service as a first choice option, and the new pricing structure reflects that. “We are now primarily a streaming video company delivering a wide selection of TV shows and films over the Internet,” commented Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings.

New Netflix subscribers will pay US$1 more for 1 and 2 disc per month rental plans that include streaming. Other disc rental plans jump up as much as $8 a month, although the plan that limits users to no more than 2 DVDs in a single month is still priced at $4.99.

While a streaming only service is convenient since there isn’t any wait time for discs to arrive, Netflix doesn’t offer its complete library via streaming. The company is, however, working on deals with studios to add more content to its streaming selection.

The U.S. Netflix streaming service is available now. The new pricing structure is in place as of November 22, and will go in to effect for existing subscribers in January.

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So, how much does the new streaming-only service cost?


7.99 a month


What this article is failing to tell everyone is the movies that is ready for streaming are mostly ‘B movies” and movies that did not do well in theare’s. There are harldy any block buster movies ready for streaming. Netflix has ways to go. BTW I am a netflix customer.


I am a netflix customer too.  Although not all movies are streaming, it is still a good deal.  Non streaming movies DVDs show up very quickly.  And there are plenty of movies to stream that I haven’t seen but plan to watch.


My at-home movie-viewing has changed since I became a Netflix customer.  Instead of getting the latest releases, I watch a lot more foreign and not-so-recent movies—both streaming and on disk. I’m getting a better film education this way, and my enjoyment is enhanced overall. Still, it’s frustrating not to be able to get the new releases soon after their release.


I had to cancel my Netflix subscription because Satellite connections are too slow. The dvd sent to my was badly scratched, not worth the effort even for the free trial.


Currently have 230 items in my netflix queue. Only 31 are stream ready. Has a very long way to go imo.

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