Netflix Lands Movie Deal with Miramax

The movie rental and online streaming service Netflix has struck a deal with Miramax to offer the studio’s movies to its subscribers. The deal marks the first time Miramax will be available through a subscription service and should be available to Netflix customers in June.

NetflixNetflix gets Miramax movie streaming deal

The deal is good news for Netflix subscribers since they’ll have the ability to watch titles like Kill Bill, Clerks, The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love via the company’s streaming service. Netflix said it will offer “several hundred” Miramax titles with “dozens of titles being added on a rotating basis.”

Miramax already offers many of its movies through Apple’s iTunes Store for purchase or rental. The studio’s deal with Netflix, however, offers movie watchers a way to stream the shows they want to watch by paying a flat monthly fee instead of per-movie.

Netflix and Miramax aren’t saying how much money changed hands as part of the deal.