Netflix Movie Streaming for the Mac goes Live

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The Netflix movie rental service transitioned its Watch Instantly movie streaming feature for Mac OS X out of beta testing on Thursday and began offering it as a service to all of its Mac-based subscribers. Watch Instantly is available to Netflix subscribers with an Intel-based Mac and requires Microsoft's Silverlight.

Netflix Watch Instantly lets subscribers stream movies over the Internet and view them on their computer. So far only a small selection from the company's movie library is available, but Netflix plans to have some 12,000 movies and TV shows ready for streaming by the end of December.



So far only small selection of Mac users are ready and willing to contaminate their Macs with Microsoft’s Silverlight malware.

Nice to see NetFlix recognising reality and thinking of Mac people (even if it is via Microsoft).


This works very well so far for me.  I have no problems with Silverlight, which is NOT malware, and the quality of the streams is exceptionally high.  I have watched several movies this way, and I plan to watch many more.  In fact, I may eventually stop ordering DVDs altogether, once Netflix builds up its database of movies.

Not every product Microsoft makes is evil.  Silverlight, to me, is welcome competition for Flash, and it works extremely well.  I used it extensively to watch Olympic coverage.


As for there being only “small selection of Mac users ready and willing to contaminate their Macs…”, perhaps that’s because this service has only been in beta testing until now, so IT HASN’T BEEN AVAILABLE TO MOST MAC USERS.


I finally took the plunge and installed Silverlight, albeit with a bit of trepidation, and tried it out on my iMac last night and I was pleasantly surprised.  No hiccups at all, the picture was decent in full screen, and when I paused to take a very long phone call and it timed out, it remembered where I left off.  The only negative right now is the available content which I’m sure will get better with time.

So overall, I like it and am glad that since my iMac is my media player in my bedroom, I have another choice in programming.


Well, the Olympic coverage required everyone (Mac and Windows users) to contaminate their computers with Microsoft’s Silverlight (mal)ware. I have no doubt that it does what it is supposed to, but still, it does represent Microsoft’s attempt at decommoditizing a corner of the market. MS was convicted as an abusive monopoly, so whenever they come out with some technology that is supposed to provide some functionality that is already available through someone else, I’m very cautious. Not that Flash is any technological godsend either, though….


Whatever dude, get off your idiot horse.  Silverlight rocks.  I loved it for the Olympics, and just tried it out on my first Netflix stream on my iMac now.  I’m sorry you have such a twisted view of the world that you cannot appreciate a good service.  This is great!

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It is the evolution of human, thanks god to Microsoft and the person with this type of vision.

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