Netflix Streaming Coming to iPad

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Netflix is bringing a free iPad app that will allow Netflix subscribers to stream movies and TV shows to their iPad, according to an exclusive report from AppAdvice. The app will also allow users to manage their accounts from the iPad.

Streaming would be subject to your subscription limitations, but the app will remember what you were watching and allow users to resume where they left off.

AppAdvice has a screenshot from the app.

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Netflix is getting closer and closer to the point at which it becomes an irresistible object of acquisition for Apple.


OTOH, as was posted there by “Mike: Why isn?t this spreading around the web like wildfire? i smell an april fools joke!!”


It would appear this is for real. It’s on the App Store now and it says “free” unlike the AppShopper web site saying it’s $0.99.


I misspoke: AppShopper correctly identifies the app as free; I was looking at a $0.99 unofficial Neflix app.

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