Netflix Streaming Invades Canada

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Netflix expanded its streaming video service beyond the U.S. borders into Canada on Wednesday. The service lets Netflix subscribers stream TV shows and movies to their computer, iPad, iPhone, TiVo HD, and other compatible devices.

While Wii and PlayStation 3 owners can get in on the streaming action now, Xbox 360 owners will have to wait until later this fall.

The Canadian Netflix streaming launch comes ahead of Apple’s end of September rollout of the second generation Apple TV. The new version of the home entertainment appliance includes Netflix streaming support, as well as support for TV show and movie rentals through the iTunes Store.

Since Netflix DVD rentals aren’t available outside the U.S., Canadian customers will be limited to a CA$7.99 a month streaming subscription.

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Here is a link to an interesting interview with Reed Hastings, co-founder of NetFlix. He’s discussing the Netflix Canadian service. There are a good number of limitations and omissions compared to the US version.


One of the difficulties Netflix faces is that Canadian ISPs already offer their own (bundled at relatively low price) TV, telephone, Internet, VOD and PPV service. (They also impose monthly Internet download limits.) The bundling makes it very hard to break into the market without a unique product.

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