NetNewsWire Gets Google Reader, Drops NewsGator Support

NewsGator released NetNewsWire 3.2 beta 6 on Thursday with long-awaited support for Google Reader syncing. While the news is sure to make many NetNewsWire users jump for joy, Google Reader support comes at a cost: NewsGator is phasing out its own online news reader service.

The inline NewsGator reader service will shut down at the end of August, so NetNewsWire users that aren't comfortable using beta software can hold off on the update for a few more weeks -- and users that don't sync their RSS feeds with an online service won't need to upgrade at all.

For user that do rely on NewsGator syncing, however, a Google Reader account is necessary for syncing with the NetNewsWire public beta. Users that don't already have a Google Reader account can sign up for one for free at the Google Web site.

The NetNewsWire beta also added the ability to create Twitter search feeds, Instapaper support, and a persistent advertisement window. Users that want to pay to remove the ad window should be able to do so once the official 3.2 update is available.

Since NetNewsWire 3.2 is still in beta, there are a few things that don't work as they should. Two-way syncing isn't working properly yet with flagged and starred items, "liked" items, or shared items. It also fails to properly maintain clippings.

NetNewsWire 3.2 beta 6 is available as a free download, along with instructions on transitioning from NewsGator to Google Reader syncing, at the NewsGator Web site.