New Aerial Shot Shows Apple Campus Construction Underway

Construction on Apple's new spaceship campus is well underway and even in its current state is something to behold. Thanks to some slick drone flying, we can see just how far along the project is, and it's looking pretty cool.

With most of the excavation work out of the way you can see concrete going down in the Death Star trench, and the cars and trucks in the shot help drive home the scale of Apple's construction project.

New aerial drone shot of Apple's campus construction

New aerial drone shot of Apple's campus construction
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Apple's new Cupertino campus earned its space ship name from the flying saucer shape of the main building. The company plans to generate its own power for the facility through solar cells on the building's roof, and expects to have the facility open and occupied some time in 2016.

This shot came to us from a TMO reader flying a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition mounted for in-flight shots.