New Apple Ad Campaign Focuses on Large iPad App Store Library

Apple on Sunday released two new television ads for its iPad tablet line. Seen thus far exclusively via the company’s YouTube channel, the ads feature a similar style and focus on the more than 300,000 iOS apps available for both the iPad and iPad mini.

Both ads focus on three key words and the apps associated with them. The first ad, titled “Alive,” features Loud, Deep, and Alive and the second ad, “Together,” features Wild, Bright, and Together. Each ad’s description states: “With over 300,000 apps, iPad is up for anything you are.”

MacRumors lists many of the apps showcased in the ad:, GarageBand, TED, iMovie, iBooks, Dinosaur Zoo, Toca Hair Salon, Vimeo, Rockmate, Glow Hockey 2 HD, FaceTimeAppleInsider revealed on Saturday that Apple has launched a billboard campaign for iPad using the same theme, featuring additional apps paired to certain adjectives.

The iOS app store currently has over 775,000 total active apps, with over 300,000 of them formatted to run full-screen on the iPad platform.

[via MacStories]