New Apple TV Ships in Fall with Games, Siri Remote, and Apps [Update]

Apple pulled out all the stops with Apple TV during Wednesday's "Hey Siri" event, introducing new hardware, a new interface, a new remote, voice controls that are amazing, a new operating system called tvOS, and an SDK for developers to make their own apps.

Apple TV with Siri Remote

Apple TV with Siri Remote

The new Apple TV hardware features a new processor and Apple's Metal for game developers. The latter comes into play from the SDK that Apple is releasing. It will allow developers to make apps for Apple TV.

Users will interact with both the apps and Apple TV itself with a new remote. This remote features a touch surface for navigating through Apple TV, interacting with apps, and playing games.

The remote also features a Siri button. Users can press the button and search Apple TV with natural language. "Show me action movies," "the ones with Sean Connery," and "Show me the Modern Family episode with Ed Norton" were just some of the examples. The remote also has a built in gyroscope and accelerometer.

Apple has completely redesigned the interface for Apple TV to better feature content and offer information on shows and movies. Asking Siri who stars in a running program, for instance, brings a pop up sheet with that information at the bottom of the screen.

Jen Folds Presents Apple TV at

Jen Folds Presents Apple TV at "Hey Siri!" Event

Users can also use their iPhones for as game controllers in multiplayer games.

Apple TV ships later this fall starting at $149 with 32GB of storage and $199 with 64GB.

[Update: This article was updated with additional information and images.]