New iPhone Commercials Mimic Fast-paced iPad Ads

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Apple began airing two new iPhone commercials Monday evening that match the style of its recent iPad ads. "Discover" and "Brilliant" highlight several iPhone apps in a fast-paced series of shots accompanied by one-word descriptions without ever mentioning the product name.

Apple's new Apple's new "Discover" ad for the iPhone

The commercials run through a series of apps showing off the iPhone as more than just a smartphone with examples of educational and content creation apps, along with Maps, some games, and an app controlling the Phillips Hue color-changing light bulbs.

Apple's most recent TV ad campaign is clearly intended to evoke an emotional response in viewers, and it looks like it does just that. In some cases, however, that response isn't exactly positive as noted by TMO's John Martellaro.

The ads are on TV and can also be viewed at the Apple website.

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Like them or not, Apple's new commercial campaign has people talking, and that's exactly what the company wants.

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Like them or not, Apple’s new commercial campaign has people talking, and that’s exactly what the company wants.

They also were talking about the Genius ads…
Just saying

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