New Photos Purportedly Tease iPad mini with Lightning Connector

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Apple’s highly anticipated “iPad mini” has in recent weeks seen many mock-up designs based upon rumored specifications and form factors. Tech enthusiast Sonny Dickson, associated with 9to5Mac, has now upped the ante by posting several photos to Twitter and Instagram of what appears to be the actual device.

iPad MiniImage via Sonny Dickson.

The smaller iPad seen in the photos matches recent rumors about the product’s form factor and materials, including an aluminum back with rounded edges, rear camera, and Lightning connector.

iPad MiniImage via Sonny Dickson.

Mr. Dickson, based in Australia, has been careful not to verify the authenticity of the photos, either to protect a source, or because they do indeed depict a mockup of the device. However, if the iPad mini in the pictures is a mockup, it is of the highest quality yet seen.

iPad miniImage via Sonny Dickson.

Apple is widely expected to unveil its smaller version of the iPad this month, with some rumors indicating that invitations for the event will be sent as early as Wednesday. The device, dubbed by the media as the “iPad mini” is expected to have a 7.85-inch screen and a starting price roughly half that of its larger sibling.

[via CNET]

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32GB, huh?

Here’s one person hoping for this to become reality. Then maybe they can offer respectable storage capacities and a reasonable pricepoint, thanks to a smarter screen.

Still waiting here…


As you look to the volume button and the silence switch, you can see this is just a really good render.

dooshbo baggins

I guess it depends on what you consider respectable storage capacity and reasonable pricing, but based on apple’s past track record I see no reason to think so.  The retina screen on the ipad has nothing to do with the huge price jump between the “OK I just want an iPad” 16gb version and the “I actually want to do stuff with my iPad” 32 GB version.

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