New Photos Show Silver iPad mini-like iPad 5 Back

New photos showing what looks to be the back panel for the next generation iPad have surfaced, and true to rumors show a design that matches the design of the current iPad mini. The silver back panel also includes cutouts for stereo speakers, which is another feature that's already available on the mini.

New photos show iPad mini-like iPad 5 back panelNew photos show iPad mini-like iPad 5 back panel

Assuming the photos are legit, it looks like the upcoming iPad refresh will bring the 9.7-inch display model in line with the look and feel of the iPad mini and current iPod touch designs. It appears as if the new iPad model will be thinner, which fits with reports that it will use the same touch screen technology as the iPad mini.

The photos don't offer any new insights into what the next iPad will look like or what features it will include, but they do help back up the rumors that have already been circulating and fit with speculation that the iPad refresh is coming soon.

The iPad 5 back panel looks thinner than the fourth generation modelThe iPad 5 back panel looks thinner than the fourth generation model

Apple hasn't officially announced a media event for the introduction of new iPad models, but that's expected to happen in the coming weeks. The company is also expected to start inviting media to a special iPhone launch event scheduled for September 10. The date hasn't been confirmed yet by Apple, but reliable sources say it's a sure thing.

Apple is expected to unveil what's being called the iPhone 5S as the replacement for the current iPhone 5, and to introduce the iPhone 5C as the lower priced replacement for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The iPad launch event will follow a few weeks later.