New York Times Announces 'NYT Now' for iOS

On April 2, the New York Times will officially release two new subscription items. First, an iOS app called NYT Now which will go for $8US/mo (free with existing digital/home subscription), and a service called Times Premier, $45 every four weeks (not monthly), or as a $10 addition to a home delivery subscription.

Poynter reports one of the nifty things about NYT Now is that it schedules news delivery throughout the day using the iPhone's clock, so you only get the "lunchtime read" content when it's actually lunchtime where you are.

As for Times Premier, it will include Family Access, the ability to share the account with two family members (currently you can share with one other family menber), and Times Insider, featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the Times. There are other goodies attached to Times Premier, such as additional crossword puzzles and free e-books.

One of the things emphasized by the Times is that curation will take place but it will all be done by journalists, not algorithms.