New App Store Games Feature a Gator, Isaac Newton, Free Zombies

Glu Mobile and Namco on Monday announced the release of Alley Gator and Isaac Newton’s Gravity, respectively, at the App Store. Meanwhile, Activision made a free Lite version of Call of Duty World at War: Zombies available, while Square Enix said that its classic RPGs Final Fantasy I and II are headed to the App Store with brand new bonus dungeons.

Alley Gator (US$0.99), based on a popular urban legend, challenges players to guide an alligator through New York City’s sewer system and find the sea again. They must dodge old pipes and debris while collecting peppers and trying to reach the end of each of 25 levels before the clock runs out. Pick-ups help them out along the way, including stopwatches that freeze time.

In Isaac Newton’s Gravity ($3.99), players try to solve 50 puzzles, with the renowned physicist available to offer tips when they find themselves stumped. A planned future update will allow players to download content packs with more levels and try out user-created puzzles. Namco noted that the title’s release marks more than 23 million downloads of the publisher’s games at the App Store.