New App Store Games: Thor, Ragdoll Legends, More

New games now available at the App Store include Thor, Freeverse’s side-scrolling action game with a Nordic flavor, and Ragdoll Legends, Chillingo’s kung-fu game with real-time physics.

In Thor (US$0.99), players guide the thunder god through four worlds comprised of six earth-, four ice-, and three air-based levels as they smash enemies, gather energy orbs and lightning bolts, and grab special items to power Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Players can capture hidden raven spies for score multipliers and other bonuses.

Ragdoll Legends ($1.99) features a dozen playable characters, each with unique weapons, along with an evil boss to defeat. Realistic ragdoll physics punctuate all the battles. Four game modes are included.

Other new App Store games include the quote game The Poet, the trivia game Map My Mind, and the puzzle adventure title TileStorm.