New Apple TV Next Week? Not

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Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicted Apple would introduce a new Apple TV model at its special media event on September 9, but new reports are saying he's off the mark, according to The Loop.

Mr. Munster pointed to the fact that the Apple TV hardware hasn't changed in over two years, and that the 40GB model is showing a 1-2 week delivery time on Apple's Web site. He called the delay "puzzling ahead of next week's event."

Based on The Loop's sources, however, it looks like there won't be an Apple TV announcement next Wednesday.

Apple sent special invitations to the media at the beginning of this week for its iPod-themed "It's Only Rock and Roll" press event on September 9. Apple has announced new iPods at similar events in the past, and it's generally assumed the company will do the same next week.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer on September 9 for our on location event coverage.


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Imagine a bingo game where instead of balls drawn from a spinning bin, there are 3 foot x 3 foot squares outside a barn with one number inside each square. Horses are let out one at a time, and whichever squares get pooped on are called out. Gene Munster’s expectations are kinda like that.


The Beatles are releasing their entire remastered catalog on the same day. It would not surprise me if Apple announced The Beatles on iTunes along with new iPods and a special addition Beatles iPod reminiscent of the U2 iPod from a few years ago.

David Baker

I would think that since the title is “It’s only rock and roll” a line from a Rolling Stone’s song, it seems unlikely this is about the Beatles music being released.

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