New at the App Store: Artist Colony, Caveman Test

The latest games at the App Store challenge players to restore an artist colony to its former glory and best a caveman at his favorite game, Sticks and Stones.

I-play’s Artist Colony (US$3.99), based on the popular PC game, requires players to rebuild the community surrounding an artist colony. They must renovate the surroundings by working with the colony’s 15 characters, each of whom has unique talents and a strong personality. Players guide the characters in the creation of more than 550 pieces of art, learning something about the colony’s history along the way.

Caveman Test ($0.99) features its own strong character: Ufkah, who is really good at Sticks and Stones and loves to challenge strangers to play against him. He rarely loses, so players who defeat him have their victories engraved on stone tablets.