New at the App Store: Battle Blasters, Q?pid, More

The latest games to arrive at the App Store include the one-on-one arcade fighting game Battle Blasters, the social finger puzzle game Q?pid (Cupid), and more.

Battle Blasters (US$2.99) takes place in the year 3042, where tournaments pit the best fighters against each other. Players manage a roster of combatants as they make their way through campaign mode, jump into a quick play session, or try their hand at a multiplayer fight.

Q?pid (Cupid) ($1.99) is what developer Q Entertainment calls “a social ice-breaker, if not a romantic fire starter.” Two players must move their fingers across the screen the same way to reveal a mystery photo; the moves get more difficult as the game progresses. Players can use personalized messages, photos, or pictures in the game, as well as add music from their iTunes library.

Other new games include the cartoony Bird Strike ($1.99) and Mahjong Blitz ($1.99).