New at the App Store: Colosseum, Pik’s Revenge Episode 2, More

The latest games to hit the App Store include:

Biscuit Games’ Colosseum (US$0.99), in which players must hack-and-slash their way through an unlimited number of stages of open warfare. They have five types of melee and four types of ranged weapons at their disposal, along with three levels of upgrades for each. They can also upgrade their equipment and use magical effects, such as ice and lightning.

Fluik Entertainment’s Pik’s Revenge Episode 2 ($1.99) is actually an expanded version of the original adventure game, in which the titular star is one of thousands of miners working in a colony in a distant galaxy. A series of explosions rock the planet and send Pik on an adventure to learn what happened. Episode two features 60 new quests and four new cities to explore.

Other new games include: ElementZ, a match-three puzzle game that’s also available on Facebook; the arcade game Sexy Maid Service; the cops-and-robbers title Catch Me! If You Can; and the edutainment math title Planes, Brains and Automobiles.