New at the App Store: GeoPlay Golf, Secret of the Lost Cavern Ep 4

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Developer 10 and 2 Studios on Friday released GeoPlay Golf (US$6.99), which uses the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, to turn a player’s real world location into a virtual golf course, and Coladia introduced Secret of the Lost Cavern: The Fate of Arok, the fourth and final episode in the adventure game set in 15,000 BC.

In addition, publisher Freeverse Inc. announced this week that it has sold five million games and apps at the App Store since it published its first ones in the summer of 2008. The company has 24 games and apps on the App Store; among them are Skee-Ball, Moto Chaser, Flick Fishing, SlotZ Racer, Flick Bowling and NBA Hotshot.

Players use GeoPlay Golf to create virtual golf courses based on their real-world coordinates; five virtual world courses are featured, including the moon and a farm. They swing their iPhone to hit the virtual golf ball and negotiate around traps and water hazards. While the game takes advantage of the GPS capabilities in the 3G and 3GS iPhones, players can still use the game on an iPod touch or first-generation iPhone.

Secret of the Lost Cavern: The Fate of Arok concludes an adventure set around the real Lascaux Cave in France, where archeologists have found many prehistoric paintings. Players take the role of Arok, who discovers the paintings and remembers an enigmatic painter he met several years previous; he embarks on a quest to find the man. Coladia has also made episode one of Secret of the Lost Cavern free for a limited time.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

How about an article about all the stuff that just got booted from the App Store?

So seriously folks… Does anyone here not think that Steve Jobs is mentally ill at this point? Anyone care to speculate how many developers will lose their income because of this arbitrary change?

My theory as of now is that Jobs is gravely ill, the senior management knows it, and they are coddling him until he can’t come to work anymore. They are hoping with each passing day that the special day comes sooner and sooner so they can undo the damage he is piling on the company.

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