New at the App Store: Ghosts Attack, Seed RPG, More

The latest games to reach the App Store include the first-person shooter Ghosts Attack, from a new developer founded by Medal of Honor designer Chris Cross, and Chillingo’s role-playing title Seed 1: Rise of Darkness.

The Ghosts Attack (US$4.99) story involves the late 1960s disappearance of 13 scientists sent to a parallel dimension during a failed teleportation experiment. The company that employed them is now sending remote-controlled robots to explore that dimension. Players control those robots, fighting hostile inhabitants and searching for clues that will reveal the mystery behind what happened to the scientists. The developer plans to issue new content on a regular basis.

Seed ($2.99) is a fantasy RPG in which players begin their careers as an unskilled apprentice and become more powerful as they defeat monsters and complete quests. As in other RPGs, they earn new weapons, skills, and spells along the way, hoping to eventually change the world of Kalikoop forever. They can visit more than 20 unique towns and fight on hundreds of battlefields.

In other App Store game news, the free game Death Panel promises to impart information about healthcare through a series of quizzes that draw data from various sources, including the White House’s web site and In addition, Alawar Entertainment has released the simulation game Hotel Mogul ($1.99), while Matmi has published Snowy’s Christmas Pinball ($1.99).

Finally, retro game fans will be excited to hear that the classic 80s arcade game Paperboy is coming to the App Store via Elite Systems. It’s expected to debut on Dec. 18.