New at the App Store: Robbie Williams Racing, Crazy Hamster, Zoo Lasso

Cyber Monday saw the release of three new iPhone games, led off by the motorcycle title Robbie Williams Racing, which features Williams’ new album, “Reality Killed the Video Star,” as its soundtrack, along with in-game versions of two songs, “Bodies” and “Difficult for Weirdos.”

Selling for US$2.99, Robbie Williams Racing takes place in a 3D version of the Mojave Desert, which appears in the video for “Bodies.” Players race motorcycles on a variety of tracks, with commentary from Williams, or they can compete in a buggy on a course modeled after Williams’ private track.

In Crazy Hamster ($0.99), players guide a hungry hamster through four worlds full of several levels packed with traps and other obstacles. Players build bridges, extinguish fires, erect ladders, and perform other tasks to succeed.

Finally, Zoo Lasso ($0.99) is an action game in which players draw lassos around animals that have escaped from their cages at the zoo. Players earn points for performing such shapes as figure eights and clover leaves, as well as for simultaneously rounding up as many animals as possible.