New at the App Store: RPG Undercroft, Arcade Game Jumboo

New games now available at the App Store include Rake in Grass' role-playing game Undercroft and Handjoy's arcade title Jumboo.

In Undercroft, players guide a group of four adventurers through a story involving a graveyard where the dead are said to have arisen to guard secrets locked away in ancient tombs. Dozens of quests are available, with more than 750 items to collect and 60 kinds of enemies to kill as the characters explore a dark underground, forests, a city, and other environments. Pricing is US$4.99. A limited-play lite version is also available.

Jumboo stars a gorilla who must jump from platform to platform as he makes his way through a forest. Short and long jumps can be chained together for combos earning extra points. The difficulty gets tougher as players progress through the game, and an online leader board lets them show off their high scores. Pricing is $1.99.