New at the App Store: Twin Blades, 2XL Fleet Defense, More

Four new games kicked off the new week at the App Store: Twin Blades, 2XL Fleet Defense, Bloodstream Raiders, and Block-a-Drop: Christmas Rush.

Twin Blades (US$0.99) offers a little bit of everything: manga-esque graphics, a weapon-toting nun, zombies to kill, and a medieval setting. Players guide the nun through a city market, cemetery, and other locations as they employ six different weapons that produce dozens of different death animations as zombies go kablooey. They can also buy and upgrade skills and powers along the way.

2XL Fleet Defense ($1.99) offers a change of pace from 2XL’s racing games: an F-35 tackling enemy planes over the middle of the ocean and defending its aircraft carrier. A radar screen lets them know the enemy’s location, and when they have another plane in their sights, they simply tap to shoot.

In Bloodstream Raiders ($2.99), players guide a single white cell through the body’s major organs, firing antibodies at waves of influenza virus cells. They can collect antivirals to unleash stronger attacks and use paracetamol to lower the patient’s body temperature and slow down enemies for a brief period of time.

Block-a-Drop: Christmas Rush ($0.99) sends blocks onto a conveyor belt controlled by the player, who must arrange the blocks to create rows and columns of the same type. Three or more of the same type scores points, but blocks can easily fall over the side of the conveyer belt. Two modes are available: puzzle and challenge.