New at the App Store: Word Burst, Hoggy, Talent Dare: Music, More

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, several new games have appeared at the App Store:

Cerebral Vortex Games’ Word Burst and Sonus. The former presents players with a grid full of random letters and a ticking timer; they must click letters to spell words and eliminate them from the grid, earning more time in the process. The latter is a Simon-like game in which players try to repeat increasingly-complex patterns of musical tones and lights.

In Hoggy, players navigate a side-scrolling platform environment as they guide Hoggy to the moon to rescue his girlfriend. Locked doors and moon men stand in the way over the course of more than 50 levels.

10tons’ Talent Dare: Music tests players’ ability to tell which of two to four notes has the highest pitch. Differences between the notes become smaller as the player progresses through the game.

In People Operating Technology’s Wildfire Fighter, players pilot a Bell 205 Helitanker as they put out fires across the country. The publisher says it wants to raise awareness of wildfires, which burned 3.5 million acres in the United States during 2008 and have already torched 5.6 million acres so far this year.

Finally, Present Surprise challenges players to match three or more of the same gifts by launching presents into the playing field. Matched gifts clear from the board and offer the opportunity for combos.