New For iPhone: Star Rangers, Air Force Supremacy, Blood Beach, More

New games hitting the App Store to kick off this week include ANALOGretro’s 3D space shooter Star Rangers, ICS Mobile’s Air Force Supremacy, Coresoft’s World War II game Blood Beach, Connect2Media’s 365 Puzzle Club, and the ball juggling game Juggz

Star Rangers (US$4.99) is a first-person 3D action game in which players travel across the galaxy defending star bases from alien attacks. They can earn 18 achievement medals across three game modes: Galaxy Defense, in which they warp to the enemy’s location and defend the star base there; Last Star Base, in which they defend one base from waves of attacks; and Instant Action, which jumps right into a quick battle.

Air Force Supremacy ($1.99) is an update to ICS Navy Patrol Coastal Defense tower defense game, featuring aerial, sea, and undersea battles. Players employ six different types of defenses against eight types of enemies, using 15 special attacks, such as tsunami waves and satellite lasers, when necessary. The publisher also said that the fourth update to Navy Patrol Coastal Defense will be called The Last Stand.

In Blood Beach ($0.99), players must defend a remote listening post in the Solomon Islands, taking on everything from Japanese Zeroes to Nagato class battleships with a variety of weapons, including a Thompson SMG and a Bofors 40mm gun. Twenty missions are included.

365 Puzzle Club ($1.99) features a Calendar mode that delivers a new puzzle every day, along with a Seasons mode mixes up puzzles between the three included ones: Sudoku, Tenpenki, and Kakuro. Four difficulty levels are included, along with Facebook Connect for posting high scores.

In Juggz ($0.99), players choose one of four characters and try to keep juggling balls while hitting targets. A multiplier bar earns more points, and additional levels reveal more of each character’s story.