New iLife Update May be Set for August

Should the latest rumors prove to be accurate, Apple is prepping to launch iLife 11 next month on August 7. Some of the big changes said to be included with the new version of Apple’s multimedia and creativity suite include 64-bit compatibility and a new “mystery application,” according to Mac4Ever.

Apparently iLife 11 will include a completely redesigned iWeb application, updates for iPhoto’s Faces and Places features, tighter integration with social network services, and beta Faces and Places support MobileMe gallery. The rumor also claims Apple will be dropping iDVD from the iLife suite.

iLife 09, the current version of the iLife suite, includes iMovie, iDVD, Garageband and iPhoto.

Apple isn’t confirming that a major iLife update is on the way, so consider Mac4Ever’s report as just a rumor until an official announcement comes from Cupertino.