New iPad SKUs Appear, Vanish from Best Buy

Three new iPad codes appeared in Best Buy’s retail database over the weekend, but disappeared before Monday morning. The models were all listed on the Best Buy Web site and were listed as “APPLE IPAD SKU WIFI,” and “coming soon.”

Two of the three iPads were priced at US$599.99, and the third was listed at $699.99. No other details were listed.

Apple has been rumored to be prepping for an April launch for the second generation iPad, although the company hasn’t confirmed those reports. According to the rumor mill, the next generation iPad will include a higher resolution display, front and rear-facing digital cameras, a faster processor, and a thinner case.

The fact that the entries for new iPads appeared in the Best Buy database isn’t proof on its own that new models are coming soon. With so many reports from parts suppliers coming out of Taiwan, however, it does add to the idea that the first generation iPad is set for an update in the coming weeks.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up.]