New iPhone 4 Pre-Order Ship Date Slips Again, to July 14th

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Apple’s ship date for new iPhone 4 pre-orders has slipped again, to July 14th. iPhone 4 that were pre-ordered Tuesday, June 15th, will ship on June 24th, and pre-orders processed earlier on Wednesday will still ship on July 2nd, but the Apple Store is currently showing a shipping date of July 14th for new iPhone 4 pre-orders.

Both Apple and AT&T have noted massive sales of the device, with AT&T announcing Tuesday that June 15th was the company’s busiest day in history. Apple announced Wednesday morning that it had accepted 600,000 pre-orders for the device, which was also a record number of pre-orders for the company.

We would encourage anyone who has not yet pre-ordered an iPhone 4 who wants to get one any before Summer turns to Fall to pre-order as soon as they can. In fact, do so through our affiliate program at the Apple Store and help fund the content you read at The Mac Observer!

iPhone 4

Look at it! Isn’t it shiny?



my brother here with me in the US for a visit,and he wants to buy iphone4 and take it with him to kuwait.  so does the iphone4 work on different network other than AT&T.  He owns a 3G for the last year and half and it works fine but he wants to upgrade.  please advise


Any iPhone bought in the USA is locked to AT&T, no matter what others tell you. In order to buy an unlocked iPhone, he will have to go to another country (such as Canada) where they are sold for about $600.


Will you be able to jailbreak this thing is the real question!


Gee, it’s a good thing no one knew about the iPhone 4 before Steve announced it otherwise it wouldn’t have sold this well. smile

More evidence that Apple’s secrecy isn’t really needed to sell stuff.


IMO the secrecy is more to prevent other companies from beating Apple to market with their own ideas. For example, if HTC knew about the retina display months ago, I’m willing to bet my left ear that they would have done their best to have something similar by August. And if the first iPhone had leaked, every smartphone would have been Multitouch by 2008 wink.

But this is only my opinion. Another reason might be that all of us Apple fanboys are uptight losers with nothing better to do than speculate wink.


Oh where oh where is the virtuous mendicant’s drone of the Flash Developers?

It has gone silent due to the hard studying of the new HTML5.

Now that they see the sins of their ways,
They are hungry to attract the millions
In the iOS system to their ways.


Ordered iPhone 4 on June 15, ACKNOWLEDGED BY AT&T AT 1:15PM. Just noticed AT&T re-dated the order date to June 16. Based on newest shipping info from AT&T/Apple, orders dated June 15 will ship June 24; orders dated June 16 & will ship July 2. I GUESS AT&T JUST RE-DATES ORDERS TO FIT THEIR SHIPPING NEEDS. SO MUCH FOR HONESTY.

Bryan Chaffin

Holy smokes, wgb555, that sounds frustrating. If you have your original confirmation, I’d try to speak to someone at AT&T about it.

GL. smile


Thank you for clarifying that the preorders on the 15th with ship the 24th. No one is clarifying this on their sites and saying that preorders have slipped to the 2nd or 14th.


READ THE ABOVE ARTICLE “pre-orders processed earlier on Wednesday will still ship on July 2nd”.  WEDNESDAY IS JULY 16TH, THE DATE AFTER JUNE 15. AT&T RE-DATED, REPEAT RE-DATED, MY JUNE 15 0RDER TO JUNE 16. GET IT!

Mark Olson

Calm Down, You get them when the nice Fedex guy delivers them, it’s fun to watch the tracking from China to Hongkong to Alaska.. just think of the Entertainment Value here…


I have the same issue.  I ordered at 10:38am ET on the 15th.  My order date shows the 16th on the AT&T website.  I called AT&T and they said that is probably because it took that long to process.  I told them that the definition of order date is the “date it was ordered,” irregardless of processing time.  So they transferred me to online sales….  No idea if I will get my phone on time or not - I am Leaving the country end of June, which is why I spent 3 hours online making the preorder when I did.
If they artificially moved my order date to suit supply, I agree that is very dishonest.  Just tell the truth.


Same here. I ordered on the 15th and have a order date of the 16th. The person I talked with at at&t said that if you were able to order on the 15th you will have have it on the 24th. Her statement to me was that everyone who ordered thru the at&t website will receive there phone on the first date of the 24th. She also said that they stopped taking orders when and took down the online order process on there website when they sold out of there allotment to ensure everyone that was able to order will get there phone on the 24th.

Hope she was right!


I preordered my iPhone 4. It is currently out on a UPS truck for delivery! I am going to get it a day early! Go Apple & AT&T!


This is all so very confusing!! I decided on June 23rd per com that I would do the pre-order with IN STORE PICK UP as offered. Well there was no selectable option for in store pick up. I just checked on the order status and it shows Ships: By July 14th Delivers: Jul 15 - Jul 19. I was getting all excited thinking I may have it sooner (PLEASE SHIP ON THE 2nd) but i’m not getting my hopes up. In typical murphy’s law my current phone totally died today and now I am stuck with out any phone until it arrives. The worse part is I don’t even know if I will be able to get my phone numbers out of that LG Incite Ct810 HUNK OF JUNK!! AT&T had to replace it 4 times and it always fails after 3 months so if they are thinkink about rushing any products to keep competitive with AT&T I would avoid it!! I have had my I touch for 4 years and have never not once had any issues with it. I just hope they develope better cases as I will totally drop it and i’ve seen that some people had thiers shatter on the 1st day. Also will these ones be from the same batch that had the yellow discoloration issues?

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