New iPhone Ads Highlight Real World Use

Apple released two new iPhone commercials on Sunday that both show off using the combination iPod and smartphone in situations many users are likely to encounter.

In the On Hold ad, Apple shows an iPhone users checking their email and paying an bill online while waiting on hold. Apple managed to show that the iPhone can handle other tasks while making calls, and also highlighted again that AT&T's network lets users access the voice and data parts of the cell network at the same time.

Apple's First Steps commercial

In December 2009 Apple released two commercials that jab at Verizon's limitations that prevent subscribers from making phone calls and accessing the Internet wirelessly at the same time.

The second commercial, First Steps, shows a mom taking a video of her baby walking, sending the video as a text message attachment to family members, and then starting a conference call to talk about the video.

Both videos are available in QuickTime format at Apple's iPhone Web site.