New iPhone Ads Highlight Real World Use

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Apple released two new iPhone commercials on Sunday that both show off using the combination iPod and smartphone in situations many users are likely to encounter.

In the On Hold ad, Apple shows an iPhone users checking their email and paying an bill online while waiting on hold. Apple managed to show that the iPhone can handle other tasks while making calls, and also highlighted again that AT&T's network lets users access the voice and data parts of the cell network at the same time.

Apple's First Steps commercial

In December 2009 Apple released two commercials that jab at Verizon's limitations that prevent subscribers from making phone calls and accessing the Internet wirelessly at the same time.

The second commercial, First Steps, shows a mom taking a video of her baby walking, sending the video as a text message attachment to family members, and then starting a conference call to talk about the video.

Both videos are available in QuickTime format at Apple's iPhone Web site.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Let’s say I want to listen to Pandora and play Scrabble at the same time.

Let’s say I want to listen to iTunes music and shake boobs.

Let’s say I’m talking to Mike on his iPhone (on T-Mobile) and a beep comes in. Both of us hear the beep, so who’s getting that incoming call waiting? Gotta pull the phone out of my pocket to see if it’s me.

And of course, let’s say I just want to make a frigging phone call this morning. 4 bars apparently means 4 tries before I get a ringing sound. The 3Gs on AT&T is hands down the worst phone I’ve had since the 90s.


The 3Gs on AT&T is hands down the worst phone I?ve had since the 90s.

AT&T does suck, I will never go back to ‘em. Too bad I can’t get an iPhone with an AWS radio, but I’m okay with my iPhone as an iPod Touch.


My 3G iPhone on Vodafone is the best phone I’ve had, and I’ve been with Vodafone since 1993.


RE: Let’s say…. can’t do any of those on any phone. So what’s your point…not to use any smartphone since it doesn’t do those things?!


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

@D9. Actually, all possible on Android phones and WebOS phones. Except the iTunes music part. Substitute “preferred native player” for that. And I guess EA hasn’t shipped Scrabble for Android yet. Substitute some other game that you might want to play while listening to the non-preferred music player.

It’s just so funny to see Apple touting these things the iPhone can do if you do them Apple’s way. Try doing something similar that’s not Apple’s way and you’re out of luck.

Tony Grey Jr

@Bosco - its been made clear that any provider would have troubles handling the feature set on the iPhone, so IMO, its not really going to get better when the iPhone opens to other carriers, other then better cell service nationwide for areas currently lacking ATT coverage, but whats keeping you with ATT and the iPhone now? At least it sounds like you’re still with them. Have you had a Sprint phone back around the turn of the century, 1999-2000? Now that was bad coverage.

Obviously, Apple’s commercials are meant to favor the current situation with iPhone on ATT. Any business wanting to stay in business would do that. I don’t see Google talking about Droid and their extremely poor customer service for those having issues getting started. Its all a numbers game and ATT has them right now.

True, the iPhone as a phone is so-so, but its not the deciding factor in why people buy them, and we know its not because ATT rules as a provider. Its a cool phone that you can do quite a number of things with, and for each of us, its a different set of things.

Here in the Silicon Valley, I’m fine with ATT, ‘cause it works just great when I’m shooting up and down the 101 or making calls out of my home office. Or jumping to Words with Friends to make my next move and then back to the home screen. I know there are a few games that allow playing your playlist when in the game, even the ATT Navigator allows it. So does that mean its a programmer’s choice to program playlist playback during gameplay or Apples limitations?

The great thing is, we have a choice with the phone or robot we choose to use. While this is still a free country that allows us to say whatever we want about whomever we choose, perhaps that energy is better spent giving up on making something work or complaining about something not working and switching to something that works better for us. Just a thought.

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