New iPhone Games: Bubble Town 2, Real Deer Hunting, Alice in Bomberland

New games now available at the App Store include I-play's Snood-like Bubble Town 2, Sunstorm's Real Deer Hunting, and Alice in Bomberland.

In Bubble Town 2 (US$2.99), players fire characters called "Borbs" into the playing field, trying to match three or more and drop them off the screen. Adventure mode takes players through 45 levels spread across three environments, with five boss battles to overcome along the way. Classic, Ball, and Invasion mode are also included. The latter two are new, as is the lob shot, which lets players target Borbs in the back row.

Real Deer Hunting ($0.99) was created by the developers responsible for the original Deer Hunter game, which in 1997 sparked a sub-genre full of sequels and similar games. This title takes place in Texas and Indiana and features realistic deer behavior and weather conditions, 16 different hunt stands, three weapons to choose from, and a trophy room.

Alice in Bomberland ($1.99) puts a new twist on Lewis Carroll's classic characters in 48 explosive challenges. Across eight unique settings, players help Alice avoid a wide variety of explosives, with help from 24 types of power-ups. Unlockable content includes developer commentary and an endless mode.