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Black Forest Interactive and Avallon Allliance on Friday announced the App Store availability of the 3D shooter Faceoff and the puzzle game Mezopuzzle, respectively. Both sell for US$0.99 and require iPhone OS 2.2.1.

In Faceoff, players are charged with saving humanity from nuclear war at the hands of the Black Thorns, a group of secret agents who occupy half the planet and want to destroy the other half. Ten missions take players through underwater caverns, city streets, a space station, and more. Weapons include the Haymaker, the Peashooter, and the nuclear device nicknamed "Wee Willy."

Mezopuzzle is a block puzzle game based on Mayan lore. Players collect pieces of drawings and must reconstruct them, learning about Mayan legends in the process. Thirty puzzles are included.


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Hate to say it, but your game reviews suck.  You give no indication of how the game plays, if it’s similar to other games, or even what you have to do to play it.  Basically, all you’re doing is repeating the ad blurb with a still image.  After reading your review I know nothing about the game except what I see in the image.

This is worse than worthless, it’s embarrassing.

Go here and see what a _real_ game review is like:

Or better yet, give up on reviewing games entirely and work out a partnership deal with toucharcade where every day they provide a combined review of three or four games they think are worthy.

I mean it, your game reviews really, really suck.

Brad Cook

Except it’s not a review, it’s a news piece.  Where do you see the word “review”?

Maybe you should have realized that before posting such an unprofessional diatribe.


No kidding. Ignore the adolescent rantings Mr. Cook. I have appreciated your timely updates on iPhone games as well as your reviews (

Brad Cook

Thanks, BP.

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