New iPhone Games: Faceoff, Mezopuzzle

Black Forest Interactive and Avallon Allliance on Friday announced the App Store availability of the 3D shooter Faceoff and the puzzle game Mezopuzzle, respectively. Both sell for US$0.99 and require iPhone OS 2.2.1.

In Faceoff, players are charged with saving humanity from nuclear war at the hands of the Black Thorns, a group of secret agents who occupy half the planet and want to destroy the other half. Ten missions take players through underwater caverns, city streets, a space station, and more. Weapons include the Haymaker, the Peashooter, and the nuclear device nicknamed "Wee Willy."

Mezopuzzle is a block puzzle game based on Mayan lore. Players collect pieces of drawings and must reconstruct them, learning about Mayan legends in the process. Thirty puzzles are included.