New iPhone Games: Kaloki War, iChapaev, Twilight Golf

Other new titles now available at the App Store include NinjaBee's sci-fi tycoon game Kaloki War, MaxNick's checkers variant iChapaev, and Howling Moon Software's Twilight Golf.

Kaloki War (US$1.99) is a complete conversion of an Xbox Live game in which players build and defend space stations, deciding how to create the most effective, but also profitable, structure. The game features ten levels and four bonus scenarios.

iChapaev ($0.99) is based on the Russian game Chapayev, a checkers variant in which players try to knock their opponent's pieces off the board by pushing them, as in shuffleboard. The goal is to do so in seven rounds or less. Three difficulty levels are included.

In Twilight Golf ($2.99), players try to reach each goal in spooky Twilight Temple in as few strokes as possible. Teeter totters, gears, ratchets, drawbridges, swinging chains, and other obstacles stand in their way. Thirty puzzles are included; a free Lite version contains a sampling of them.