New iPhone Games: Puzzle Titles, Nanoids, Album Cover Match, More

More new games hit the App Store on Thursday.

Superstar Games' Marble Merge (US$2.99) requires players to move and stack marbles to eliminate them from the board. Easy, hard and survival modes are included, along with three bonus mini games: Marble Magnet, Roto Match, and Marble Shooter.

Play This! Studio's Whirl'd ($0.99) is another action puzzle game in which players launch characters known as Whirls from the center of the ring to the outer edge, where they disappear if the colors match. The characters feature special powers, and combos earn bonus points. Ninety-nine levels are included.

In Nanoids ($2.99), players must defeat invading Nanoids to save their home world, Petra. They can upgrade their ship and its weapons as they battle dozens of enemies and bosses across a variety of missions. Three game modes are included.

Sunstorm Interactive's Rescue Razzle ($0.99) challenges players to figure out how to break wooden crates and lower the rat Razzle to the ground. The stacks of crates become progressively harder to figure out across the game's 40 levels.

Finally, Cover Match ($0.99) uses the album art from players' music library in a classic memory game. The game starts with a few covers and adds more and more in subsequent levels. Fun mode is unlimited while scored mode uses a timer to award bonus points for time left over at the end of each level.