New iPhone Games: Rock, Paper, Airplane!, Dino Shake!, RocketFuse

A trio of new iPhone games hit the App Store this week: GiantCrayon Games' Rock, Paper, Airplane!, MoGeneration's Dino Shake!, and RocketHands' RocketFuse.

Rock, Paper, Airplane! is a paper airplane simulator set, as GiantCrayon describes it, "in the super-square 1950s." Players tilt and turn their handheld to navigate a paper airplane through rooms full of robots, screaming children, homemakers, fathers-who-know-best ,and more. Colliding into coins grant extra points or temporary power-ups. Pricing is US$0.99 and iPhone OS 2.2 is required.

Dino Shake! lets players create mix-and-match dinosaurs by moving heads, bodies, and tails to find fun combinations. Players can also race against the clock as they try to put the right body parts together. When they shake their device, the dinosaurs shake, play, and make noise. Pricing is $0.99 and iPhone OS 2.1 is required.

Finally, RocketFuse challenges players to get a stuck rocket ship out of a cave. They drag their fingers across the screen to give the ship more or less power  as they navigate the cardboard environment. RocketFuse features 12 levels and 24 medals to collect. Pricing is $1.99 and iPhone OS 2.2 is required.