New iPhone Games: SkyTroller, Bluetooth Wireless Tennis

HeavyLifters Network and Fun and Mobile have announced the release of their latest iPhone games, the air traffic control simulator SkyTroller and Bluetooth Wireless Tennis, respectively. Both require iPhone OS 3.0.

SkyTroller (US$1.99) puts players in charge of cross-country flights converging in airspace above Kansas. They must react quickly to handle jets traveling at nearly 900 miles per hour as they pass through Kansas en route to another airport or come in for a landing. The action gets more intense as players complete levels.

Fun and Mobile's Bluetooth Wireless Tennis ($0.99) features Polish pro Agnieszka Radwanska, who offers advice during the game's tutorial mode. Players tap the screen to chase the ball and move their handheld to perform various types of shots. Eight different players are included to choose from, and players can choose different levels of difficulty when playing against computer opponents. Multi-player matches are Bluetooth-only.