New iPhone Games: Texas Wuggle, Armoured Shift

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4J Studios and Orbital Worlds on Tuesday announced the release of their new iPhone games, the poker title Texas Wuggle and the space shooter Armoured Shift, while Imaginatr issued a free limited play version of its puzzle game Cubimon and Toy Kite Software introduced a critical strike feature in its fighting title iSamurai.

Texas Wuggle (US$0.99; iPhone OS 2.2.1) is poker with a twist: players try to create the best poker hands possible from the cards floating around the screen. Five tables are featured, along with two game modes: Spree, in which players have ten hands to become a millionaire; and Survivor, where players race against the clock. The final goal is to gain access to a millionaire's club in Las Vegas for a shot at one last big score.

In Armoured Shift ($0.99; iPhone OS 2.2.1), players navigate an open environment as they destroy asteroids and shoot down enemy ships. Six worlds are included, along with multiple weapons, two gameplay modes, a story mode, and an online leader board.


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