New iPhone Games: Texas Wuggle, Armoured Shift

4J Studios and Orbital Worlds on Tuesday announced the release of their new iPhone games, the poker title Texas Wuggle and the space shooter Armoured Shift, while Imaginatr issued a free limited play version of its puzzle game Cubimon and Toy Kite Software introduced a critical strike feature in its fighting title iSamurai.

Texas Wuggle (US$0.99; iPhone OS 2.2.1) is poker with a twist: players try to create the best poker hands possible from the cards floating around the screen. Five tables are featured, along with two game modes: Spree, in which players have ten hands to become a millionaire; and Survivor, where players race against the clock. The final goal is to gain access to a millionaire's club in Las Vegas for a shot at one last big score.

In Armoured Shift ($0.99; iPhone OS 2.2.1), players navigate an open environment as they destroy asteroids and shoot down enemy ships. Six worlds are included, along with multiple weapons, two gameplay modes, a story mode, and an online leader board.