New iPhone Games: Three From Digital Chocolate, One From Legacy Interactive

Digital Chocolate and Legacy Interactive released a quartet of new iPhone games between them on Wednesday, with the former publishing three – Carnival Games Live, Nightclub Fever, and Absolute Minesweeper – and the latter offering up one: the trivia game Bird Brain. As with Digital Chocolate's other iPhone games, each one is also available as a limited-play lite version.

Carnival Games Live (US$2.99) offers four classic carnival and arcade games and features four-way competition via Bluetooth, along with Facebook Connect integration for posting high scores and challenging friends to play.

Nightclub Fever ($2.99) challenges players to keep a nightclub running all night lone in two game modes, Career and High Score. Players host over 50 club events and choose everything from DJs to décor.

Absolute Minesweeper ($2.99) is an adaptation of a game popularized by its inclusion in various versions of the Windows operating system over the years. It features two game modes: Absolute, which features power-ups and themes, and Classic, which offers the gameplay most people are familiar with.

Finally, Bird Brain ($0.99) is a trivia game that covers everything from science and literature to pop culture. It serves up ten rapid-fire questions per round, with each one requiring players to rank the answers in relation to each other, such as biggest to smallest. The answers are represented on the screen as unruly chickens who must be arranged in the proper order in their coop.