New MacBook Pro May Include SSD, Hard Drive Combo

Rumors about the upcoming MacBook Pro update are still popping up, and the latest claims the next version will include both SSD storage along with a traditional hard drive. This rumor comes courtesy of anonymous Apple sources, according to Boy Genius Report.

New MacBook Pro rumors keep coming in

Apparently the new MacBook Pro models will include an internal sold stage drive (SSD) with between 8GB and 16GB storage for the operating system, and a standard internal hard drive for data and applications. Apple will reportedly offer an SSD build-to-order option for customers that don’t want a traditional hard drive in their laptop.

The new models are supposed to include larger glass trackpads compared to the current MacBook Pro lineup, and will weigh about half a pound less.

Other rumors about the unreleased models include reports that they will include Intel’s new Light Peak interface as an alternative to USB and FireWire. Light Peak offers faster data throughput, can support multiple devices with a single port, and works with USB and FireWire adapters so users don’t have to buy new peripherals.

Best Buy apparently has several place holder entries in its inventory database for new MacBook Pro models, and anonymous sources claim resellers will be receiving sealed product shipments in the coming days.

Apple’s online store has pushed ship dates for new MacBook Pros out from 24 hours to three to five days, which often happens when the company is prepping to launch new models. An official launch announcement, however, hasn’t happened yet, so for now the rumors surrounding release dates and features should be taken with a grain of salt.