New MacBook Pros May Call Light Peak “Thunderbolt”

Apple hasn’t released updated MacBook Pro models yet, so there’s still time for more rumors, and today’s claim Apple will include Intel’s Light Peak peripheral connector and that it will be called “Thunderbolt,” according to Engadget.

Light Peak is Intel’s new high speed connection for laptops that supports displays, hard drives, and other peripherals through a single port. The interface is intended to use fibre optic for its connections, although Apple is rumored to be using copper instead.

New MacBook Pro rumor: Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt port apparently looks exactly like Apple’s current Mini Display Port, and supports both types of connectors. If true, that means customers can use their existing Mini Display Port video adapters to connect to displays and projectors.

According to Mac Rumors, Thunderbolt will be included on all new MacBook Pro models, including the low-end 13-inch model.

The new models will apparently include a minimum of 4GB RAM standard, will continue to offer FireWire and USB ports, and will weigh less than current models.

Other rumors claim retailers should be receiving mystery shipments from Apple, and the models will include SSD storage for the operating system and hard drive for apps and data.

Apple hasn’t revealed any specs for the next MacBook Pro update, nor has the company confirmed that it plans on releasing new laptops any time soon. Ship times for the MacBook Pro, however, are showing a three to five day delay on the company’s Web site, which often indicates a new product launch is just around the corner.