New Rumor Claims Sept 12 New iPhone, iPad mini Announcement

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New iPhones on Sept 12? Maybe.Apple will reportedly be hosting a special media event on September 12 where it will unveil the next generation iPhone along with a smaller form factor iPad with a release on September 21. If true, the new iPhone would be shipping less than a year after Apple started selling the iPhone 4S.

News of the alleged product announcement comes courtesy of iMore who said its two sources “have proven to be accurate in the past.” The sources also claim an new iPod nano will be introduced during the media event.

While Apple hasn’t given any concrete evidence to support a September release for the new iPhone, it has been generally accepted that a new model would ship some time this fall. Cell service providers have apparently been buying up new nano-SIM cards, too, which are rumored to be used in the new iPhone model.

A September launch for the new iPhone and smaller iPad model would get the devices on store shelves in time for the holiday buying season, and would also give the company all of the December quarter with the new devices on its books.

Whether or not there really is a September 12 media event in the works is still unknown since Apple hasn’t made an official announcement yet. For now, we’re considering this one just another rumor, but one that looks interesting.

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Rumors schmumors!  Will this never end?  It is pretty safe bet that a new iPhone is coming this autumn.  As for a mini-iPad, nope, don’t believe it and will only believe when I see it. (btw, really we already have a mini-iPad, it’s called an iPod Touch).

As for specific dates, I couldn’t care less if it’s in September or October.  Even if it’s released by October 12th or the 19th, this would be more than plenty of time for the holiday buying season (& maybe have more in stock too).

Tim Cook blamed rumors for recent missing of analyst forecasts.  I couldn’t agree with him more.  Most of these rumors are disruptive, if not destructive.  It has become a “Feast” or “Famine” result with people falling over themselves to get a new product within the first few weeks, then avoid purchasing if the product life extends past 6 months.  This cannot be healthy for Apple!

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