New Site Helps Users Find Apps for Retina Display MacBook Pro

Last month’s launch of the Retina Display MacBook Pro created a small problem for both Apple and purchasers: When run at its “Retina” resolution, an ultra-high quality equivalent to 1440-by-900 pixels displayed at 2880-by-1800 pixels, only applications that have been specifically programmed for “Retina” displays look good on the MacBook Pro’s display. Non-Retina apps are simply pixel doubled and take on a fuzzy, blurry look.

Improvements will come as more developers make their apps “Retina-ready,” but part of the cost of early adoption is waiting for third parties to catch up. New Retina Display MacBook Pro owners therefore eagerly await Retina updates to their favorite applications. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a central listing of apps that were “ready for Retina?”

Apple frequently features apps on the Mac App Store that have been upgraded to take advantage of the Retina display, but stubbornly does not provide a dedicated category listing all Retina apps. Thankfully, Cult of Mac this morning pointed us to a new site launched last week, Retina Mac Apps.

RetinaMacApps.comRetina Mac Apps acts as a central listing of App Store apps ready for Retina Displays

The site acts as a central listing for Mac App Store applications that have been upgraded to support Retina displays. The only downside is that apps can only be sorted by Name, Category, or Most Recently Added. There is no built-in search functionality, at least not yet. The App names are listed in standard text, however, so site visitors can use the page search functionality of their web browser as a workaround.

We imagine that Apple will eventually make finding apps on the App Store easier, especially if the company decides to bring the “Retina” display to additional Macs. Until then, independent sites like Retina Mac Apps serve as a convenient way for Retina Display MacBook Pro owners to fill their drive with beautiful, native applications.