New Thunderbolt Adapters Announced at WWDC

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Thunderbolt logoSAN FRANCISCO - Apple announced on Monday two new Thunderbolt adapters: a Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter and a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The announcement came during the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference.

The newly announced MacBook Pro will only have SD Card, HDMI, USB2/3, MagSafe 2, and two Thunderbolt ports. The adapters will be necessary for users who wish to continue to use FireWire or Ethernet connections.

The Mac Observer will update this story with images, pricing, and availability once they become available.

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It does seems right from what I’ve seen!  On the Apple web site, the I/O of the MacBook Pro have one Thunderbolt and one FireWire800.

Julie Kuehl

Good eyes! In the excitement of the keynote, I missed that it is the Retina Display version of the MacBook Pro that has this port configuration. Will make the change.


Ok, I understand now that there are 2 models.  The one with retina display got 2 thunderbolt and no optical drive while the model without the retina display is the on that still have the firewire…  I find this quite odd…

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