New York Times Releases Full iPad App

The New York Times released a full app for the iPad Friday. NYTimes for iPad replaces the Editor’s Choice app for iPad, and offers access to the full newspaper experience on Apple’s tablet. The app is free, but in 2011 the company will institute a pay wall, which means users will then have to pay a subscription to access The Times through the app.

When Apple first unveiled the iPad, CEO Steve Jobs proudly showed off the HTML 5 browser-based interface The Times had built for iPad users. Mr. Jobs talked a lot about the innovative ways in which the company had implemented navigation and interactive features.

While the newspaper had a dedicated iPhone app, its initial entry into the iPad app market was the very limited Editor’s Choice which offered but a few stories. The new iPad app brings many of the features of the Web site to a native app for the device.

In the screenshot below you can see today’s landing page, as well as the popup screen that offers navigation throughout the newspaper. The app also features push notifications for breaking news that can be toggled off through the Settings button in the lower right corner.

The app is free (for now) and is available at the App Store.

NYTimes for iPad Screenshot

NYTimes for iPad Screenshot