New York Times Signs on to iPad Subscription Plan

Apple’s new in-app subscription service has a big name publisher on board thanks to the New York Times. The newspaper will be offering digital subscriptions through its iPhone and iPad app with plans to roll out the service by the end of June.

Along with its new subscription plans, the NYT plans to put a paywall in place that limits non-subscribers to seeing up five articles a day and up to 20 articles a month.

It's paywall time at the New York TimesSubscriptions and paywalls are coming to the NYT

The new subscription plans start at US$15 a month for Web and smartphone access. Tablet users, like the iPad, will pay $20 a month for a subscription, and for $35 a month subscribers get smartphone and tablet access.

Print subscribers will get online and mobile access to articles, too, and they will pay lower monthly fees compared to digital-only subscribers.

The NYT agreed to Apple’s terms, which means the newspaper will give Apple a 30 percent cut of all in-app purchases, and it is giving up access to personal data collected in-app, as well.

Limited free access to NYT articles starts on March 28.