New York Times Unveils Social News Service

The New York Times is previewed its iPad news reader app and service on Wednesday. The service will offer a more social network style to presenting the news, and doesn’t have an official launch date yet.

The New York Times intros will cull articles for display based on articles that are being read by the people you follow on Twitter, along with content from links. Tapping for content isn’t a surprise since the company helping the NYT build the app and service, betaworks, is also the company that runs the URL shortener.

TechCrunch has been testing and said the service has a Flipboard feel. Unlike Flipboard, which is working on an ad-based revenue model, will be sold as a subscription service without ads.

The NYT announcement comes only hours ahead of News Corps’ launch event for The Daily — its iPad-exclusive daily news publication. The Daily is expected to cost subscribers US$0.99 a day and will include original content from its own staff of writers.

So far, the Web site only sports a logo and the option to sign up for email notifications when the app is available.