New Zealand’s iPhone 4 Launch Full of Confusion

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Apple launched the iPhone 4 in several more countries on Friday, although many customers in New Zealand were left wondering if they had been left off the list. Shoppers lined up outside Vodafone stores were initially told the new version of Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone wasn’t available and there wasn’t any word on when units would arrive, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By late morning, Vodafone was telling customers that the iPhone 4 would be available in some of its stores by the afternoon, and that the units would be sold only to customers signing long term contracts. The company later said it sold through its entire inventory by 4PM.

Apple changed the iPhone 4 shipping status on its New Zealand Web site from “coming soon” to show a three-week shipping time later in the day.

Apple and Vodafone are keeping quiet about how many iPhone 4 units were made available for the New Zealand launch, or when Vodafone stores will get more in. Both companies do, however, have the older iPhone 3GS available and ready to sell.

Other countries in Apple’s July 30 iPhone 4 launch included Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

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New Zealand! Where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous!


@ furbies.  That’s Wales, I think.

Being an Apple customer in NZ is no fun,  the nearest brick-and-mortar store is miles away - in Australia.  Strange things can happen in MobileMe. Date syncing can be confusing at times. But we don’t have AT&T - so that’s a bonus, I’m told.

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